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We are not looking for employees. We are looking for business partners in many different fields to contribute to the success of Palmer-Donavin. What everyone in the Palmer-Donavin family has in common is a commitment to ownership. As an ESOP, we offer the unique experience to work like an owner with a vested interest in the success of our company. Here are some of our rewarding career opportunities available.

  • Sales
    • Working with clients to ensure satisfaction and building life-long relationships.
  • Purchasing
    • Finding quality products at the right prices to fill our clients’ orders.
  • Delivery
    • Getting stock from A to B on time. A vital part of the success of our company.
  • Warehousing
    • Honest work with a multitude of products in a good environment.
  • Fabrication
    • Creating quality products for our quality clients.
  • Administrative Support
    • Picking up the details and helping in a variety of ways to oil the gears of a successful company.
  • Accounting
    • Numbers, problems, and solutions keep the team healthy and happy.
  • Credit and Collections
    • Tough but fair, this position collects payments and keeps the business running.
  • Information Technology
    • Solving problems and providing support sustains the entire company’s success.
  • Human Resources
    • Interacting with people across the company to ensure satisfaction and hard work.

We have two mottos at Palmer-Donavin: Service Is Our Most Important Product and Do It Right the First Time. Get used to hearing them because we take them to heart. Making those mottos a reality requires knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated employees. That’s why we put together one of the best benefits packages anywhere and our efforts have paid dividends...literally; so much so that our average employee has over 9 years of service with the company.
The rest of our benefits are as follows:

  • Appreciation Pay: Quarterly bonuses based on the profitability of the company, part of being in and ESOP
  • Health Insurance: We have two distinct plans to choose from, both with options for dental and vision coverage
  • Paid Time Off: Employees begin earning PTO benefits immediately
  • 401(k): We offer 401(k) benefits including a company match and a Roth feature after 6 months of service
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
  • Employee Discounts
  • Company Paid Life Insurance: Palmer-Donavin provides life insurance for you and your dependents free of charge
  • Disability Insurance
  • Bereavement Leave
  • Civic Leave or Jury Duty

Companies we use to provide coverage:
Health Insurance: Anthem

  • Dental and Vision Insurance: Ameritas Group
  • Corporate Wellness: Integrated Wellness Solutions
  • Retirement Plan: Vanguard
  • Life and Disability Insurance: Guardian

“In my years at Palmer-Donavin, I’ve learned that this place is more than a company, it’s a family. The people here care about each other and the company treats everyone like they matter. Employees aren’t just numbers here. I’ve learned that if I work hard and show I’m committed to this company and its success that they’ll give me opportunities to grow and support me all along the way. It is a privilege to work here, and I’m honored and thankful that I get to be a part of this great company.”

- Testimonial from Bina Smith, HR Training and Recruitment

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