Top 3 Reasons to Choose PVC Trim


For centuries, we have added wood trim to our homes; however, with advancements in exterior home products, we now have access to a wide range of new materials for the modern-day homeowner. Of the new products readily available to us, we highly recommend PVC trim to homeowners, builders, and contractors. Here are the top 3 reasons why.

1. Let’s hear it for Low-Maintenance

While exterior wood trim brings its share of charm to a home, it also has a tendency to scratch, split, crack and warp, which is not ideal for keeping a home both protected from the elements and looking beautiful. Exterior PVC trim and moulding, which combines low-maintenance ease with style-elevating design options, offer you the same creative control with a longer-lasting return on a homeowner’s investment.

Wood trim can fail around windows and doors allowing water to leak in and rot behind surfaces, requiring more repair work. Many homeowners replace wood trim pieces on a yearly basis causing frustration – especially when the color is difficult to match the trim around it. PVC trim and moulding products are known to be durable and require low maintenance. More durability also means less need for replacement. Products made from 100% cellular PVC are tough, seemingly indestructible, and will not fade. The products are also finished with a coating that is fully paintable, so you can customize the color for your home.  Plus, it comes ready to install which brings us to our next reason why we love PVC Trim.

2. Easy to Install

PVC trim takes little-to-no prep to install. It weighs less than many alternative building materials, requiring less fuel to transport. And due to the product being lightweight, the installer can much more easily handle the product. Since it is waterproof, the installer can also plan to use it below grade without any worry of rotting.

According to a post by the Family Handyman, you can work with PVC like it is wood. PVC products can be cut with the same tools used for wood, and although sanding isn’t always necessary, you can do so with grit-paper. Additionally, PVC can be heated and bent into any shape, meaning trimming arched windows is a possibility, where wood and fiber-cement products do not allow for it. Plus, hidden fasteners, like Cortex®, come in kits with plugs and screws and work great for unpainted trim.

Installers can also choose to preassemble the window and door trim and install it as a unit rather than one piece at a time, as you would with wood. This allows for tight joints and precision during the install.

3. Unmatched Warranty

When it comes to the exterior of your home, it’s important the products are backed by the manufacturer. And if you want the peace of mind from a warranty that is substantial, you’ll have to look to PVC. Top PVC trim manufacturers offer limited lifetime warranties. In comparison, treated wood, fiber cement, or composite materials, only offer warranties at a fraction of the time. With this product, you will benefit from one of the best warranty programs in the industry.

Go ahead, ask for PVC Trim

While we are busy picking colors and décor, we often minimize the importance of the materials used on our home’s exterior. After a year or two, those who didn’t consider low-maintenance products will begin to understand the hassle with materials like wood. So, we wanted to let you know ahead of time that you have a choice. Avoid the headaches that come with the upkeep of other materials and choose PVC from the beginning. You’ll be happy you did. Shop PVC Trim today on the Palmer-Donavin product page.

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