A Dealer’s Guide to Ordering an Exterior Door


10 Common Questions Asked When Ordering a Custom Therma-Tru Door

Exterior doors can seem cumbersome. They’re technical in nature with many details to consider. And, as a substantial investment, we all want the door order built correctly the first time. We receive hundreds of calls from dealers everyday who have a customer ready to buy a Therma-Tru door, but many questions can come up. We’ve compiled a list of common questions we get from dealers when placing a door order:

1. What information do you need to supply when placing an order:
  1. Dealer Name and Location
  2. Dealer Contact Name and email address
  3. PO number and Job Name
  4. Door Style and Sidelite and Transom Styles as found in the Full-Line Catalog
  5. Exterior Door Slab Size
  6. Handing and Door Swing
  7. Hinge Style and Color
  8. Jamb Type and Depth
  9. Boring Information
  10. Finishing Selection (Paint and Stain Options)
  11. Any Accessories & Finishing Information
2. How do I place an order?

Through the Palmer-Donavin E-Catalog program, you can create professional quotes and submit door orders. To access the site, please request an account or contact your Outside Sales Representative for more information. You are also able to send your purchase order via fax or email to the appropriate location nearest you.

3. What are your lead times?

Due to supply chain issues, lead times continue to vary. Popular doors found in the Featured Products Brochure may have more favorable lead times, while others in the Therma-Tru Full-Line Catalog may be considered special order. Also, if the door is being Prefinished, it will require additional time to be completed. After you place your order, you can signup for Order Tracking Reports to watch where your doors are in production and view estimated delivery dates.

4. Can you stain or paint custom colors on my door unit?

Unfortunately, we are unable to apply a custom stain color on your door or door frame. However, if you do not find a stock paint color you like, we will apply a custom paint color provided our Finishing Department can match the color. When submitting your order, please supply the Paint Color Manufacturer name (ie: Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams) along with the paint color name and code. If the color you desire is a custom paint mix, we will need two physical color samples shipped to our location at the time of order. Note: Due to time and the cost of resources, we do apply a custom paint fee to the order.

5. Do you cut down doors in height or width?

We will cut down doors in height (excluding Steel Edge options), but there are limitations on how far we can cut down. This is based on the door height as well as the style of the door. To understand cut down limitations to the door style you plan to order, please contact Customer Service to review. We are unable to cut any door in width. The trimmable tolerances on the hinge and lock stiles allowed by Therma-Tru are extremely minimal and would not alter the standard rough opening width size.

6. Are your jambs rot proof?

We have a number of jamb options that are rot proof. Our standard jamb is the Dura-Frame Rot Proof wood jamb. We also offer Dura-Tech and Composite jambs which are also rot proof.

7. What is the difference between Classic Craft® and Fiber-Classic?

Both are great options, but the Therma-Tru Classic Craft Series represents the top of the line in craftsmanship and innovation. The Classic Craft panels have a premium, true-to-wood look and feel. Classic Craft panels are constructed with a 4” wide lumber board that runs the full length of the door to provide superior strength. Classic Craft entryway systems are designed with a full suite of premium grade components, including ball-bearing hinges, medium reach weatherstrip, 7-shape corner seal pads, and more. They are also backed by a Transferrable Limited Lifetime Warranty. View the Classic Craft collections.

8. Can I order components of the door like weatherstrip, hinges or sill parts?

Yes, you can order replacement parts of the door through Palmer-Donavin. We supply replacement weatherstrip, hinges, sill parts, lite plugs, screws, and jamb parts. Please view our most common replacement parts and contact Customer Service for a quote.

9. Is there a Sliding Screen Available for Therma-Tru Patio Doors? What About Double/French Doors?

Yes, Therma-Tru offers a Sliding Screen Door in White or Bronze for 6/6, 6/8 & 8/0 Patio Units (one active panel). Larson also offers the Brisa Retractable Screen Door for Patio Units (one active panel). Brisa Retractable Screen Doors fit all doorsills, can be mounted to the right or left side, and are designed to install quickly and easily with one simple tool.

There is not a sliding screen door option currently for Double Door/French Door units (two active doors). However, you can purchase a Therma-Tru Retractable Screen Door for your Double/French Door unit. The Retractable Screens are new for 2022 and are they are available in three colors: White, Brown or Black.

10. Are there 7’0” Door Options Available?

Yes, Therma-Tru offers a limited number of 7/0 Door Styles. This includes door styles in the Classic Craft Visionary Collection, Fiber-Classic Mahogany, Fiber-Classic Oak, Smooth Star as well as the Profiles Steel line. Here is a helpful quick reference chart that also shows which styles are available in the 7’0” height.

Don’t let custom exterior doors intimidate your team. When you choose Palmer-Donavin, you have a partner who will support you every step of the way. Our team has been exclusively working with and fabricating Therma-Tru Doors for nearly 40 years, and we have become accustomed to the intricacies and options available. For more information, view our Door Resources and Troubleshooting Videos. If you have any further questions, please contact us today.

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