5 Showroom Updates to Make This Month


Deck and rail project season is here, and homeowners are making their way back into showrooms. Anyone shopping around for a new deck may be more open to visit a showroom this year and they’re going to love to see a variety of samples, beauty images, and inspiration guides to help them make their decision. We want to be sure you’re prepared with the latest resources that buyers have come to expect during the buying process. Here are the 5 most important updates you should be making to your showroom this month.

1. Update Your Product Displays

Displays are a necessity in a showroom. They encourage people to make a buying decision more quickly and give them peace of mind that the products they are choosing are meeting their expectations. Decking projects are generally larger projects and we know with a bigger price tag, homeowners and contractors want to touch and see the product in person. Paul Bettac, Area Sales Manager at AZEK Building Products, agrees, “Displays are a key part of a customer’s journey.” He added “Every showroom is different, and many have limitations on space, so AZEK offers a variety of display options to fit the needs of any Dealer.”

Here are some options to choose from:

Vertical Deck Displays are great for smaller spaces. The stand holds 8 or 12 pieces of 2 feet deck boards.

Carpet Style Boards are a great option for those with limited space or want an option where you can see multiple boards of the same style together, giving more of a realistic decking look. This display holds small actual deck samples (2 inches by 6 inches) of all colors. Dealers can choose one for TimberTech AZEK and one for TimberTech PRO.

Counter Displays bring life and functionality to counters and tables. Options like counter mats, swatch books, and sample boxes are all great ways to walk a customer through the collections and railing options.

Large Deck Displays are great for key dealers with larger spaces who want to promote deck design capabilities, railing options, and accessories like lighting in one area. They give homeowners an actual preview of what their own deck could look like.

Slatwall Displays are the most popular and functional displays to show the variety of collections and colors TimberTech offers. While they are custom, they typically stand 8 feet tall by 12 feet wide. It can hold 16 inch deck samples of both collections.

“Dealers also have varied needs based on their customer base,” Paul added. “Some Dealers have an awesome walk-in trade and others are more pro-focused, but one thing remains constant, our slatwall displays are second to none and help our dealers’ purchases grow year over year.” Paul also suggests Dealers focus on adding some new products to their showroom like their aluminum railing category. Samples are available in size 3’ x 3’ and a great way to show it in showrooms.

Signage is also important when looking at the details of any display. Take a look at your current offering and be sure each sample is correctly marked with the ID Placards offered by TimberTech. You can even link to more information or a video using QR Codes. QR Codes are a great way for visitors to learn more on the spot without requiring an associate to help. For example, they can link to warranty information, a design gallery, a video showing installation, or a testimonial from a contractor or homeowner. They can be powerful when planned out.

While there are great signage options from AZEK that fit the displays, you are also welcome to reach out to Palmer-Donavin for support in creating custom signs that will fit your showroom or even on the exterior of your building.

2. Supply Sufficient Samples

If you are a Dealer who is invested in decking, you know how important samples are for users to compare colors, style, and material. TimberTech offers multiple sample sizes and options. The 4 inch pieces are great option for giving out to customers, while the 2 feet boards give a better vision of the texture in a deck board.

TimberTech makes it easy to order options from their site. They’ve recently created a Starter Kit that includes a curated selection of the most popular decking samples along with a simple guide with the basics of textures, styles, and color, and an Outdoor Living Guide.

You can also promote to homeowners that they get up to 4 free samples from the TimberTech website. They can start shopping for samples here.

3. Feature Impactful Literature

When designing a new outdoor living space, deck designers, contractors, builders, and homeowners are all going to want to see the latest in design options and trends. What better way to do this than with literature specifically designed for the homeowner and Pro. Keep your stands stocked with the Full Line Catalog and some of the most popular options.

4. Host Contractor Training

Your showroom is also a great place to host Contractor and Employee Training Events. To make the event successful, we recommend having complimentary lunch, adequate seating, literature, samples, and you could plan a raffle for giveaways for tools contractors use most. AZEK offers Pneumatic Installation Tools from FastenMaster to install both their CONCEALoc and FUSIONLoc Hidden Fastener Systems. Those are great giveaways for contractors during these events.

Nate Jumper, Outside Sales Representative at Palmer-Donavin, shared, “At a recent Contractor Event, we created a flyer over a month in advance, offered lunch, and promoted a grand prize of a Weber Grill to giveaway. I think it is important to have both AZEK and FastenMaster present at these events. Once you get your contractor base committed, plan to follow up a day or two prior to remind them of the event. The contractors left with new sample bags and literature for 2022 to get them off on the right foot. That was the goal in my eyes for this particular event.”

Scott Marshall, Outside Sales Representative at Palmer-Donavin, added, “Ironically, rainy days can make for a great turnout for events. If you have a warehouse or showroom that can host contractors, typically days where they can’t go to the jobsite are days that will work well for training.”

5. Promote Sustainability

Homeowners want low maintenance, but they also prefer products that don’t harm the environment. A great way to show your support for sustainability is with AZEK Scrap PVC Collection Bins. They’re functional and show that you support their goal to make a lasting impact on the world by accelerating the use of recycled materials. As you know, AZEK is making great strides on sustainability. The company diverted approximately 500 million pounds of waste and scrap from landfills in 2021 through their recycle program, an increase from approximately 400 million pounds in 2020. Up to 100% of the wood and plastic in the cores of their capped composite deck boards is made from recycled materials, making an entire board comprised of up to 80% recycled content.

To support the cause and do our part to use products with sustainability practices, AZEK offers their FULL-CIRCLE PVC RECYCLING™ program. How does it work? We can send you bin, contractors can fill the bin with scrap PVC products, and PD will bring it back to our warehouse for AZEK to use in their products. Together we can all make a difference.

It’s a great time to make your showroom updates and AZEK makes it easy with a variety of display options, product samples, and inspirational literature. Plus, don’t forget to contact us for any custom signage or marketing pieces. We are happy to help you create a showroom you’re proud of and one that helps you and the customer through the buying journey.

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