4 Reasons Why You Should Add Natural Stone to Your Home


If you have been thinking about adding character to your home, you have likely explored trim, shutters, columns, and stone, but maybe stone has seemed like a heavy load to lift. You may have wondered, “How can I afford it?”, “How do I apply it?”, or “Where do I start?”. Adding stone to your home’s exterior is easy with CertainTeed STONEfaçade™. Join me as I share four reasons why you should add this natural stone to your home.

1. Stone Adds Character and Value to Your Home

There are a lot of architectural elements that can be added to the exterior of a house or a building. You can spice it up with color and texture using mixed exterior cladding. Dimension is important for curb appeal, so designers have pointed to adding stone on the porch, near the roof line, as a feature wall, or simply surrounding the base of the home. The view of varied textures and colors is appealing to homeowners, renters, and businesses. It can play a major role in the aesthetics or simply accent your primary siding. It adds a richness to the exterior creating a lasting positive impression.

If you are thinking of adding a large area with stone, you don’t have to worry about repeat patterns. STONEfaçade is molded from natural, handpicked stone that is manufactured together so no two panels look exactly alike. It’s engineered to blend the rugged beauty of the popular ledgestone style with modern performance features to give you a finished product that will last for years to come. Choose from our four popular colors or find a color using the Siding Color Coordination tool.

According to a study shown on remodeling.com, a Zonda Media site, manufactured stone veneer continues to grow in a return on investment. The data on the site shows you will see a 92.1% return on the resale value of the home. It is only second to garage door replacement.

2. Easy to Install

It is hard to believe the idea of adding stone could be considered an easy task. However, STONEfaçade is designed so any exterior product contractor can install it. Which also makes this a great solution for the labor shortage in the marketplace. Since an exterior products installer or siding contractor can install the product, there is no need to wait for a licensed mason. Instead of using mortar, the contractor easily and accurately applies it to your home. Since it is a man-made product using natural materials, not quarried stone, it is easier to handle and apply. If you can hold a level and a screwdriver, you can install this stone.

Another major factor of installation is time. Other stone products require extensive setup and preparation – wire mesh, mortar, and dry time, which all requires the mason to come back another day. Depending on the size of the project, most other stone products will require a minimum of three days. STONEfaçade can be done in one day. It is built with an embedded metal insert with structural integrity (rebar-like), a rainscreen, and a fastening flange. This is the industry’s only stone product with a fully integrated rainscreen, providing additional structural support and ample drainage from top to bottom for excellent moisture management. The rainscreen prevents potential structural damage and mold, a common occurrence when masonry products are installed without a well-defined drainage space.

3. Weather Resistant

STONEfaçade is designed to withstand any weather, giving you peace of mind for geographic areas that can see negative temperatures and a wide range of elements. Typical mortar and stone may freeze, but you will not see this happen with this stone product. Since it is engineered with a built-in rainscreen, you will see moisture is managed and will help prevent long term issues you would find in other exterior cladding products. Installation is not a problem in the cold either, so you will find you can decide to add this stone to your home any time of year without any hesitation due to weather.

To keep your mind at ease, CertainTeed is an industry leader and stands behind its products with strong warranty protection. They will back the product with a 20 Year Warranty.

4. Consistent in Cost

This is one exterior cladding that is the same cost in all four seasons. It has a consistent cost and is not impacted by economies of scale. On larger jobs, traditional stone can sometimes cost less in total product, but these stone veneer panels are easy to install and will require less overall time for your contractor, which will save on the cost.

The STONEfaçade system includes components that are designed to work together seamlessly. Since there’s no need for the other products, the installer can easily integrate it with new or existing exterior cladding. Stone is where the dollars are at. Homes and businesses can have a small portion of stone, but at times it can be the most expensive section. Adding an accent of STONEfaçade is impactful and affordable.

When it comes to designing or updating your home’s exterior, opting for a variety of colors and texture changes can make a big impact. Adding the element of stone offers both color variation and texture – giving your home added dimension, charm, and overall improved curb appeal. It’s not as difficult to install as traditional stone and requires minimal installer experience since it is engineered with structural integrity, a rainscreen, and a fastening flange. The material is easy to handle and is likely to be installed onto your home in just one day. So, for a product that meets design trend, builder code, and your budget – choose CertainTeed STONEfaçade™.

Ready to get started? The help of a qualified professional can ensure long-lasting performance on your siding installation. Visit www.certainteed.com and simply click the “Find a Pro” button on the top of the home page. You can then search by zip code, product, and distance from your home, or call: 800.782.8777.

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