The Cable Railing Product Everyone Will Appreciate


While you dream about creating your outdoor space, you might be thinking about how you can embrace your surroundings and make the best part of the property the focal point. Whether it is the sunrise, sunset, wildlife, or waterfront, it should be the centerpiece of your space – and your railing shouldn’t get in the way. But what is the right railing for your home? Many decking professionals will tell you they get asked, “Which railing is most popular right now?” There are traditional railing styles and classic colors many homeowners opt for, but if you’re looking for a minimalist, contemporary or modern railing, you may have met your match with VertiCable® by Westbury. It gives you the perfect look of mixing natural earth tones from the deck to a minimalist industrial look with the railing. We think it’s so great we have determined the reasons why everyone will appreciate your choice of vertical cable railing.

You & Your Guests

It’s simply a beautiful and durable product that will be a showstopper on your deck. Mixing metal with wood tones is a style trend featuring a balance of natural and industrial materials. We think you’ll like the architectural style of contemporary balusters and your virtually unobstructed view, but don’t take our word for it. The Thompson family recently had it installed on their new home in the Midwest. Sherrie Thompson shared, “We love our VertiCable railing because it doesn’t distract from our view. We have a great panoramic view of a pond and the woods so we didn’t want anything that would take away from our surroundings. It is sleek, sturdy, and extremely low maintenance. Plus, we have columns in between and this system allowed us to get everything from the same manufacturer so the colors match.”

Pat Gallagher from Digger Specialties added, “To maximize views off of your deck, the vertical cable system is ideally designed to work with a 2” width post.  Additionally, you can use the crossover post which eliminates top of post obstructions, giving you a continuous clean look over the rail and out to the scenery.”

Sizing options are as followed:

Height of 36”Height of 42”
Width: 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 feetWidth: 4, 5, or 6 feet

Like any premium low-maintenance product, you may find you’ll invest a little more upfront to save time and money in the long run. While many people have heard of horizontal cable, over time, horizontal cable railing will sag, and it is difficult to keep them rigid and tight because gravity and temperature changes will cause them to slump and loosen. VertiCable runs vertically and the sections are prefabbed in 36”-42” sections keeping it taut. After VertiCable is installed, there is virtually no maintenance required on the cables.

It will not come as a surprise when we say kids like to climb. Traditional cable railing runs horizontally, creating a ladder effect. With vertical cables, children can remain safe with the inability to climb the railing. This may be especially important to you if you’re installing the railing at a rental property where you need to consider safety on the premises.

Dealers & Installers

Cable railing is a growing trend and it’s a nice addition to a dealer’s specialty offering. The product is available in 12 standard colors and 4 of the most popular are in stock at Palmer-Donavin. Contractors and installers appreciate the product for its ease of assembly and minimal time needed on the job site. VertiCable hardware mirrors the Westbury C-series products allowing consistent design, performance, and configuration for the contractor. All sections are factory assembled, tensioned, and shipped for a quick installation. Since it is preassembled, it is ready to install at the job site. There’s minimal time for installation so there will be no need to add in the labor it takes to wire cables in. On average, a horizontal cable railing job will take 3 times longer than it would VertiCable.

Michael Fresch, an installer for Deck Masters in Columbus, Ohio, shared, “VertiCable is beautiful and efficient to install. Because it is less complex than horizontal cable rail installations, a greater number of our carpenters can install it flawlessly. The typical slow down at the end of a horizontal cable job is solved and our customers love the way it looks!”

Choose Westbury VertiCable® for your next cable railing project. It is a trending option that pairs well with natural-colored decks. You will enjoy your space with the minimally obstructed views, all while keeping the kids safe with a railing that does not create a ladder effect. You will especially appreciate the long-term low maintenance qualities with the factory assembled and tensioned product. Westbury VertiCable® has proved to be a great option for cable railing and is a likable product by all.

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