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At Palmer-Donavin, our tagline is We Deliver More® and this extends to our employee-owners by providing competitive benefits that meet personal and financial needs. Taking care of our employees is a top priority, and we show our appreciation through a variety of benefits for employees and their families.

Why Work at Palmer-Donavin?

An Employee Perspective

“I have been here for almost two years. I have had two promotions and a ton of opportunity for growth. I came into this job not knowing anything about the industry, but learned quickly that product knowledge comes with time. However, Palmer-Donavin is looking for people who are willing to work hard and have great customer service. The management notices who puts in the work and says yes to every opportunity. This has been a great job that is turning into a lifelong career.”

“PD is a family-oriented company where everyone treats each other equally. The CEO and managers are very personable. Your word means something and you have the ability to truly make a difference. Being employee-owned means we receive employee stock and bonuses. If you have talent they will recognize it and move you forward.”

“Great benefits, ESOP, 401k. It is a fast paced environment where management cares about your personal development. Great opportunity to grow your career. Great culture that feels like family.”

“Being employee-owned is such a unique benefit and really creates a collaborative culture. Each person has a vested interest in the company and the success we create directly impacts our bonuses and the value of our stocks. I can speak openly with my senior leadership. Titles do not cause people to treat you differently. PD fosters open communication and management takes a genuine interest in your success.”

“In my years at Palmer-Donavin, I’ve learned that this place is more than a company, it’s a family. The people here care about each other and the company treats everyone like they matter. Employees aren’t just numbers here. I’ve learned that if I work hard and show I’m committed to this company and its success, that they’ll give me opportunities to grow and support me along the way. It is a privilege to work here, and I’m honored and thankful that I get to be a part of this great company.”

“Palmer-Donavin has a second-to-none company culture. As an employee-owned business, each employee is dedicated to the success of the company. Across the board, management in every department is committed to developing their employees. At Palmer-Donavin, you will have the opportunity to grow and develop your professional skills, while enjoying a laid back family-oriented company culture. If you are looking to advance, the opportunity is there.”

Career Areas

We are often hiring for positions from administrative roles to building materials sales jobs. As an ESOP, we offer the unique experience to work like an owner with a vested interest in the success of our company. Some of the rewarding career opportunities available are:

Sales Apprentice Program

Building Materials Operations

Door Division Operations

Sales Apprentice
Join a detailed training program that offers the tools and information needed to be successful in your future Outside Sales role.
Professional Driver
Our business is built on distribution, and our Drivers are at the heart of it all. Join our team who makes deliveries on local routes near our 8 locations.
Building Materials Operations
Join our team who works within our warehouses and manages our building materials inventory.
Door Division Operations
Join our team who professionally builds and finishes premium entry and patio door systems.

Employee Ownership

Palmer-Donavin became an employee-owned company in 2007. As a result, every employee has a personal financial stake in the overall success of the company, fostering a collaborative, family mentality. The camaraderie is clear at any branch of the company and fuels the decisions made. Furthermore, when hiring, we look for people who will complement our culture and become part of the family here in a long-term way. Being an ESOP stretches far beyond financial elements; it truly shapes the culture and relationships at Palmer-Donavin.

Employee Benefits

Our Mission at Palmer-Donavin is to deliver products, expertise, and solutions that help our customers succeed. Making that Mission a reality requires knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated employees.  We are proud to offer an excellent benefits package with retirement funds you won’t find at a traditional company. Our benefits include:

Reward for Profits

(quarterly bonuses based on the profitability of the company, part of being in an ESOP)

Health Insurance

(three distinct plans with options for dental and vision)

Paid Time Off

(which begins accruing immediately upon hire)


(including company match and Roth feature after 6 months of service)

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

(an employee retirement plan where the company contributes shares of its own stock to an account for reach employee)

Employee Discounts

(discounts on all products we sell for personal use)

Company Paid Life Insurance

Disability Insurance

Bereavement Leave, Civic Leave or Jury Duty

Transparency in Coverage

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