Building Connections through Door Tours


We are back in a world where being in person, learning through hands-on experiences, and having a tangible product to see is desired more than learning from a remote location. This training season, we have seen great success with our on-site training and door tour events. Our training rooms are full, and we have seen hundreds come through our facilities in a few short weeks. We are seeing a positive impact from our on-site exterior door tours in our Ohio and Wisconsin door production facilities. Seeing the journey of an exterior door being built from raw materials to its finished product is interesting, but it’s surprising how much more is gained at each event.

Shelby Woods, Outside Sales Representative at Palmer-Donavin, emphasizes the significance of plant tours. “The plant tours are always a great opportunity to get our customers out to experience what goes into making a door for them. The tour itself is always the most fascinating for our customers. It’s a great visual for understanding the process in which it takes to get a door from several pieces to a finished product.”

In-person tours provide an unparalleled level of transparency for customers, allowing them to witness the intricate process of door fabrication firsthand. The transparency offered during these tours builds trust and confidence in the product, creating a lasting impression for our customers.

Jim Miller, Director of Sales at Palmer-Donavin, explains the vital role that door tours play in enhancing business relationships. “The Door tours are significantly important to the business as we introduce our customers to the inner workings of how their doors are made. This allows the customer to see the process and the craftsmanship involved so they can relay that experience to their customer, the end-user. Over the years, our customers who participate in Door Tours and training end up selling more units due to their increased door knowledge and confidence in the product.”

One of the benefits of in-person tours is the depth of understanding they provide. Customers not only get to witness the machinery at work but also appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship involved in creating each door. The combination of technological advancements and manual labor is on full display during these tours, offering a holistic view of the production process.

Tyler Glover, Palmer-Donavin Sales Representative, shared, “The tours are a great way for our customers to see the combination of technology and manual labor that goes into every door unit. Putting faces to the production process and seeing the human aspect of it combined with the investments we’ve made in machinery really lets our customers see who we are.”

Our tours provide an opportunity for customers to engage with the people behind the scenes. Meeting the faces responsible for crafting the doors adds a personal touch to the product, fostering a sense of connection and trust. It transforms the door from being just a physical object to a creation with a story and a team of dedicated individuals behind it.

The feedback from customers who have participated in these tours has been overwhelmingly positive. Customers appreciate the immersive experience, gaining insights that go beyond product specifications. They value the opportunity to observe the meticulous attention to detail, the precision of the manufacturing process, and the passion that the craftsmen add into their work. A Tour attendee shared their gratitude with us:

“Thank you for hosting us for the plant tour today. We really appreciate it. An additional thank you to you and everyone for taking the time to share more information about the process and products, and answering our questions, which was absolutely wonderful. Thank you again for everything and all that you do!”

Early each year, we will continue to offer our in-person tours for our dealers. These tours offer customers more than just a glimpse into the fabrication process. They provide a thoughtful understanding of the craftsmanship, technology, and human dedication that goes into each door. We find it leaves a lasting impression for our guests and creates a connection with our team we may have otherwise never had the opportunity to build. Contact us to learn more about our Door Tours.

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