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With many flooring options, one name stands out for its commitment to paving the way for innovative and beautiful flooring options: Happy Feet International. But why “Happy Feet”? What’s the story behind this brand that has captured the attention of so many people?

Resilient Product | Adaptable Team

Born from a vision to revolutionize the flooring industry in 2012, Casey Johnson and his son, CJ, set out to redefine the way people experience flooring. From its humble beginnings, the company has continuously evolved, staying ahead of the curve in an ever-changing market. The team at Happy Feet International continues to show us their resilience, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of perfection.

Stocked Shelves | Customer Satisfaction

One of the key factors that set Happy Feet apart is its unwavering commitment to maintaining a strong stateside inventory presence. Casey said, “As the demand for luxury vinyl plank and tile increased, we saw a need in the flooring market and began working to meet it. Although we began by purchasing small quantities of a single product housed in one warehouse, we now carry an impressive 23 unique product lines housed in 13 warehouses. We currently have more than 29 million square feet of in-stock, ready-to-ship luxury vinyl plank to meet all flooring needs!”

This ensures that customers have access to a wide range of products, readily available to meet their needs. In an era where convenience is king, Happy Feet’s dedication to keeping their shelves stocked speaks volumes about their reliability as a vendor partner.

Transparency is a way of doing business for Happy Feet. Unlike other companies, their team believes in fostering open and honest relationships with its customers. From product information to pricing details, they ensure that every interaction is grounded in trust and integrity.

What truly sets Happy Feet apart is its unparalleled dedication to customer satisfaction. Handling claims with precision and efficiency, Happy Feet goes above and beyond to ensure that every customer experience is smooth and hassle-free. From initial inquiry to post-purchase support, their commitment to communication and problem-solving sets the gold standard for the industry.

New Site | New Tools

Lastly, Happy Feet is continuously providing new tools and resources for homeowners to use. It’s exciting to see their new website which is packed with innovative features designed to enhance the customer experience.

With the ability to search by room type, shade, and installation type, finding the perfect flooring solution has never been easier. The introduction of Swatchbox allows customers to order samples effortlessly, empowering them to make informed decisions. Furthermore, the inclusion of a comprehensive “Best for…” and “Do not use if…” section provides valuable insights, guiding customers towards the right choice for their needs.

The website also hosts a ton of resources, including an extensive flooring glossary and an FAQ section, ensuring that customers are equipped with all the information they need. The VisualizeIt feature allows customers to see products in their space, offering a glimpse into the future of their home or business. As we eagerly await the launch of the Dealer Portal, it’s clear that Happy Feet is not just a flooring company; it’s a partner in progress. With a team focused on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Happy Feet International continues to set the standard for excellence in the flooring industry. So why choose Happy Feet? Because when it comes to flooring solutions, they’re not just ahead of the curve – they’re paving the way forward.

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