Embracing Warm Tones and Color with Woodward Cabinetry


In recent years, kitchen design has gravitated towards the cool neutrality of whites, grays, and muted tones. However, there’s a shift happening in the world of interior design that welcomes the warmth and vibrancy of color back into our kitchens. Woodward Cabinetry, a trusted name in kitchen cabinetry, has introduced two stunning color options, Beachwood and Admiral, that are set to redefine kitchen spaces. In this article, we share our designers’ views and explore how these new color choices can revive your kitchen.

The Fear of Color

For many homeowners, the idea of introducing color into the kitchen can be daunting. Color is often associated with commitment and permanence. However, Christine Phillips, Cabinet Purchasing Specialist at Palmer-Donavin, reminds us, “Color doesn’t have to be a scary word. In fact, it’s a powerful tool for expression and creativity in your home design. Embracing color in your kitchen is an opportunity to break free from the constraints of monochrome and infuse your living space with energy and personality.”

Breaking Away from Monotony

While the trend of white upper cabinets and dark lower cabinets has been a kitchen design staple for some time, a new trend of mix-and-match sty­­ling is being introduced in home projects. Our designers are encouraging playfulness with bold colors and contrasting textures.

“The entire project doesn’t have to be one color,” Christine explains. “There are ways to infuse character and personality into kitchen spaces without being overwhelming. One is to introduce color as an accent rather than the primary focus.” The kitchen island offers a fantastic canvas for experimenting with color trends, allowing you to embrace new styles without fully committing to them.

Admiral: A Bold Navy Statement

Woodward Omni Admiral is a rich and profound shade of blue. Aly Williams, Kitchen Designer at Palmer-Donavin, explains, “Its bold yet subtle tones make it the perfect choice to complement a timeless kitchen with Woodward Snow or Mineral. As a statement island, Admiral would impress your guests.” The richness of this hue adds depth and character to the kitchen while maintaining an air of sophistication. Navy is a color that exudes confidence and class, making it an excellent choice for those who want to make a strong visual impact in their kitchen design.

Beachwood: A Contemporary Classic

Beachwood is a fresh new addition to the Woodward Omni collection. This unique mid-tone stain pairs seamlessly with the traditional shaker style of the Omni collection. This on-trend brown is incredibly versatile and complements a wide range of popular finishes seen in today’s kitchen designs. It’s a color that can effortlessly adapt to both modern and traditional aesthetics, making it an ideal choice for those seeking flexibility and timeless charm. Again, for those who want to dip their toes into the world of kitchen color, the kitchen island is a perfect starting point for the Beachwood hue. It allows you to create a focal point, and infuse your kitchen with warmth and interest without making a big commitment.

As we witness the resurgence of warm tones and color in kitchen design, Woodward Cabinetry’s Beachwood and Admiral give homeowners exciting new opportunities for self-expression and creativity. These color options offer a fresh perspective on kitchen aesthetics, inviting you to step away from the safety of neutrals and embrace the beauty of bold choices. Whether you opt for the timeless elegance of Admiral or the contemporary versatility of Beachwood, our commitment to quality ensures that your kitchen will not only be stylish but also durable for years to come. Our designers are excited to help you start your next project. Contact us to get started and shop your cabinet options on Connect.

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