Three Ways to Care for Your Door in Under 30 Minutes


Now that Fall is officially here, we are starting to think about how to prepare our homes for the cooler weather. Exterior doors are often forgotten about, but we wanted to remind you it’s a great time to care for them after they’ve been exposed to the summer sun. While all exterior doors have maintenance and care guides, we have created a quick list of 3 ways to care for your door and prepare it for the new season.

 1. Wipe Clean & Add a Protective Layer

To maintain your finishing warranty, we highly recommend you clean your door with mild soap and water at least once per year. Harsh chemicals aren’t required and a nice wipe down will ensure the dirt build-up is removed for the next step. Exterior doors, especially those in direct sunlight, need added protection to prevent fading of the finish. Applying a light protective coating will help keep your door in great shape. Be sure to use a wax or wipe that contains UV protective qualities to keep your color vibrant. Many spray on wax products in the automotive market will work since they are made for exterior exposure. If you want to prevent the coating from covering the glass within your door, you can spray the product on a soft towel and then apply it to the door’s surface. Many products even offer a solution in a towelette form. 

2. Inspect the Weatherstrip

Our team recommends you do a quick check on your weatherstrip. Over the course of the year, weatherstrip can deteriorate from UV light or even tear from normal use. When inspecting your weatherstrip, look for cracks and tears. Then, from the exterior side, close the door and look to see if the door is making good contact with the weatherstrip. If you find that your weatherstrip is torn, cracked, or not making contact with the door, we recommend you replace it. Replacing weatherstrip is inexpensive and easy to do. You can discover the products you need at

 3. Check for Sunlight at the Sweep

From inside your home, kneel down or step back to determine if you can see daylight underneath your door. During the year, the sweep may be worn away in a high traffic area. If that’s the case, a new door bottom can be easily replaced. When you see sunlight, but find your door bottom is in good condition, you may need to simply raise your adjustable sill cap.

Once your door is cleaned, inspected and properly sealed, you can have peace of mind while you cozy up for the cold weather ahead.  If you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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