The Exterior Door Product Most Homeowners Overlook


The time has come, and you are building or renovating your home. There are numerous material design options to consider – color, shape, and style – but the one element we want to remind you about is durability. Consider the amount of maintenance that will be required in the future. How much time do you want to spend keeping the products used on your home in good shape? Sometimes, low-maintenance options aren’t offered up front. This is likely to prevent resistance during the design or sales process. However, the low and no-maintenance options will make you happier long-term. You don’t think it is worth it until you start to see products failing.

Exterior doors are an exciting place to add value to the home. The door’s style, texture, and color are all options to consider when finding the perfect one for your home. The one option homeowners don’t realize is just as important is the frame material that surrounds the door. Barry Swanson, Sales Representative at Palmer-Donavin, has been in the door business for 20 years, and highly recommends the deluxe aluminum cladding by FrontLine® Bldg. Products Inc.

What is it?

Barry explains, “FrontLine® is a 16-gauge extruded aluminum cladding product that can be applied over any of our frame products. So, even if you are steered to choose an entry level jamb material, you should ask to have it covered with FrontLine® so your frame will withstand the elements like the Therma-Tru Door next to it.” As an extruded aluminum frame, it is more durable than a coil type material with a thin gauge. This means a homeowner will not see denting, corrosion, or anything rotting away.

The FrontLine® deluxe aluminum cladding is prefinished and will never need painted. It is available in 12 colors, many of which match window manufacturers’ colors. Steve Hall of FrontLine® Bldg. Products Inc. said, “Everyone loves that the fit and finish is complete after it’s installed. The frame looks clean and you can feel good knowing you do not have to worry about rotting or replacing your door frames again.”

How is it used?

This product will work in a number of applications. It can work on any door configuration and most spread mulls and jamb depths. With varying trim options, you can match the look of the rest of the home.

FrontLine® offers three different trim options – brickmould, crownline and slimline. Brickmould replicates standard wood brickmould. Crownline is like brickmould with the larger outside edge cutoff. Slimline is a narrow width cladding that is flush with the back side of the jamb. Keep in mind with slimline, the narrow width may prevent the ability to add a storm door to the home. To use the product, the jamb cover goes on first and the brickmould is easily applied over it.

For a remodeling application with FrontLine® cladding, you can order your new door with a slimline jamb cover which includes a nail fin, and then get the brickmould loose. After the door is installed with the nail fin, the brickmould is snapped into place and it completely covers the nail fin. If you have an opening that requires a mull spread to fill out an opening, it is possible and requires a minimum of 1- 1/8 inch.

Ben Mancillas of Installers Now from Wisconsin shared, “As an installer, I like FrontLine® for its durability and that it doesn’t dent. I primarily use it in remodeling applications and the product is easy to use with its nail fin and how it seals to the substrate. The finish coat makes the entire door unit look perfect.” 

Another great application for FrontLine® is when it is paired with Therma-Tru patio doors. Historically, Therma-Tru patio doors have not been available to be cladded, and this can be a problem for homeowners who have a patio door on the back of the home that lacks the recommended overhang and has exposure to weather. To protect the door unit, FrontLine® developed a way to add the durable cladding product to a patio door. Without the cladding, one might experience dents, chipping paint and rotting wood. The cladding protects the unit and is durable enough to make it maintenance-free. If you’re looking for a patio door that will perform, order the Deluxe Patio Door System. It is well constructed with Flush Glazed Therma-Tru Doors, surrounded by FrontLine® deluxe cladding, and finished with Schlage Locks. We also include Tru-Loc™ Anchors to make the install even easier. The entire unit is covered under a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Consider asking more questions about your frame options on your exterior doors. You have better things to do than repair and maintain exterior door frames. While you’re making the choices now, we hope you don’t skimp on durability. Your future-self will thank you. Contact us with any questions about FrontLine® frame options.

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