7 Exterior Trim Trends that Add Value to Your Home


When looking at adding value to your home’s exterior, trim may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but when you don’t have it, the home can feel bare and incomplete. Exterior trim is more than just functional, it’s a great place to add value to your home. Before we explore all of the ways you can add trim to your home’s exterior, it’s important that we’re starting with the best possible materials for the job. View the Top 3 Reasons to Choose PVC Trim.

1. Be Bold with Colored Trim

Traditional white trim is generally used to tie together all the elements of an exterior home design while highlighting a bolder, dark siding color. But how often do you add contrast and pop with colored trim? If you’re replacing the siding on a home in a beige, gray or other neutral earth tone, consider using an accent color to make their windows and entryways pop. Play with different siding and trim colors to see which look speaks to you. It’s easy to get started on HomePlay® Prime.

2. Shiplap Porch Ceiling

Interior shiplap applications are all the rage right now, but it does not have to stay inside. Exteriors are a great way to pull this trend outside and create design flow into your outdoor living space. It evokes the same trending modern farmhouse style, while making the front porch a statement piece on a home. We recommend the new 1” x 6” Nickel Gap Shiplap, which offers old-world charm with the technology of cellular PVC precision millwork with tongue and groove engagement. Its shadow lines provide a nailing flange to create a finished look without showcasing exposed fasteners.

3. Create Custom Design with Corbels

Corbels, or gable brackets, can transform the look of your home from basic to custom. Whether you choose ornate corbels to draw the eye or simple corbels to add a bit of visual interest, you can’t go wrong adding this unique trim accessory to a home exterior. We recommend using PVC Sheet Board to create gable brackets for a sturdy option that will easily help you create the design and look you’re going for. Check out the new Harbor Gray PVC Sheet Board for a unique and eye-catching option.

4. Dress Up the Garage Door Trim

Help your home stand out by focusing on the garage door trim, an often-neglected part of a home. Match the garage door trim to the trim on the rest of the house, or choose a darker colored trim for contrast against the color of the garage door. Depending on the design of the home, you can even add gable brackets and other decorative accents to the garage.

5. Board & Batten Shutters

For a real wow-factor, bring board & batten shutters to the table as an option. Board & batten shutters are easily made from PVC trim boards and add instant charm to a home’s exterior. For even more customization, PVC trim can be painted using a good quality, vinyl safe 100% acrylic latex paint in a color that complements the home’s siding color.

6. Chic and Modern Black Soffit

Soffit is used for overhangs, eaves and porches but it does not have to be white and boring. For anyone seeking to differentiate their exteriors, black soffit provides a modern contrast. Royal Building Products has recently added black soffit to its Exterior Portfolio line to meet this demand.

7. Tapered Column Wraps

PVC column wraps are an efficient way to upgrade your home exterior without breaking the budget. Tapered Column Wraps have a smooth texture and are available in 5” and 6” lengths. Each Tapered Column Wrap is ready-to-assemble in 10” x 6”, 12” x 8” and 16” x 12”. They are also designed with a durable ½” thickness for quality and long-lasting performance and are available in two distinct capital and base styles: Traditional and Craftsman. These can also be painted to match the trim or accent color on your home. So, whatever look you’re going for, we have the right column wrap for the job!

Bonus: HomePlay™ Virtual Design Tool

Need to visualize what your final home design will look like? Put amazing trim designs together with the HomePlay™ free virtual design tool. Use HomePlay™ to mix and match siding colors, siding profiles, masonry and trim to see what you like best: homeplaybyroyal.com. Happy designing!

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